Sunday, November 27, 2011



It was random Sunday o’clock, when the WTF association of my inner self pronounced the existence of HYPOCRITORGANISM~~!!! I mean, how on earth that this sturdy annoying creatures still living and, breathing in our not so heavenly planet? I thought they have gone long ago, before the existence of the hibiscus seeds!!! Urggghhhhfffffhhhh~!!

A callous intro, I guess? Sorry for being subsequently carried out by this whole hypocrisy kind of science. Sometimes, things get hard and I got stressed. To be precisely aware, Hypocrite: - Is an accurate reference to all of humanity! Yes, you!!! Human Being! Thank god, I’m an educated hippopotamus. And Kissed my lovely bunny that I’m writing this entry for the sake of Cinderella’s step sister.

Well, come off~! Stop blaming, complaining, or condemning others will you please, Mr. and Mrs. Hypocriticizer!!? If you think you can practice what you preach perfectly without any sloppy mistake, at least I can considered that as ‘divinely sanctioned’ or else you’re just the same as “hypocridiot” as LOL can tell!

Okay, take five…

I'm not a perfect person, There's many things I wish I didn't do, But I continue learning, I never meant to do those things to you, And so I have to say before I go, That I just want you to know

You sound seriously fake, when you try to speak your act. Critically FAKE that my eardrum could break down to my boring leg! Just for once, shut your hypocrisy up! Else, you’ll spend the rest of your life, looking for your missing teeth while sewing your cracking lips! So, please take note! I’m trying my best to live here! 

I Hate “Hypocritorganism”
Even if i'm one of the “Hypocritorganism” that ever exist in this vastly century, 
i still hate me!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

KOLEKSI MARIMUTHU : Misteri Cinta Aneh

Oleh : Cheese Chocolate

Cinta memang aneh
atau akukah yang aneh
kadang aku jadi tertanya
mengapa begitu ceritera cintanya
Semalam kau buat aku rindu
tersipu sendiri terbayang wajahmu
hari ini aku jadi keliru
terkedu dengan tingkahmu
apa benar wujud cinta dihatimu
apa rindu pernah hadir di setiap harimu
esok masih samar,kelam dan kelabu
aku sendiri termanggu,kaku tak menentu..

AKU kira cinta memang aneh
walau beribu kali disakiti masih lagi menanti
untuk satu jawapan tiada siapa pasti
anehnya terluka berulang kali
diluka setiap hari
bunga cinta masih lagi dihati
malah mekarnya bercambah lagi
memang aneh namanya cinta

AKU sedaya cuba merungkainya
agar tidak lemas,hanyut dan leka
namun aku tidak berdaya
mungkin kau punya jawapannya
hentikan permainan silang kata
andai bukan aku yang kau puja
andai aku tidak lagi kau cinta
lepaskan aku dari belenggu cinta anehmu
wahai marimuthu~~~