Saturday, October 20, 2012

Dollar,Pound, Yen and Ringgit

If I have a million billion dollar
I’m gonna buy myself thousands and thousands of black t-shirts with no collar
Printed with the most exquisite words, one has EVER spoken to me thus far
I’m gonna have the latest sporty car, and a giant refrigerator that stores my favourite chocolate bar

If I have a million billion pound
I’m gonna build my own version of Mary Go Round
So that I wouldn’t have to feel lonely or feeling down, just in case no one is around
Knowing that worlds does not revolves around me, I have to fix my own wound, precious lesson that count

If I have a million billion trillion yen
I’m gonna construct my own ideal invention of time machine
So you and me…., whenever we miss our beloved kin, our long lost friend, or the one that got away in that pouring rain
We can just dissolve in time, to visit them, to get off from this bothersome undefined and shattering pain

If I have a million billion trillion Ringgit
I wish to formulate a reverse magical potion that can make me turn back into a sweet innocent kid
Just like Conan the detective, indeed… 
As… being a grown up is tiring and bull-shhhhhhhhhit
Sometimes, I got carried away a bit; maybe it's time for me to just shut … and sit

Only if I have a million billion dollar, million billion pound, 
yeah …only if I have a million billion trillion yen, and million billion trillion ringgit in my bank account
I could have own the entire globe, all around and seriously, no one will getting bound 

but...I guess I just dreamed a dream, and now i feel like screaming for BR1M