Monday, January 21, 2013

The "Like" Talking

Warning: What you about to read might waste your precious children time, and might terribly annoyed you. 

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Yeah!!! Its 2013…finally!!! I’m more than proud knowing that this is like my first entry in 2013. Both Taylor Swift and Kim Jong Ill will cry out loud as soon as they get this unforgivable news. Like, I finally have the courage to update my not-so-popular blog. Like, most of my fellow species didn't give a damn care about it, like not even a single mingle piece of shit. Like ever…

Lately… I've been busy doing nothing. Somehow it leads me towards some other things which I categorized as useless and worth a smack on my angelic Katy Perry kind of face. Like to be precisely honest, I've been wondering, and stalking my sister’s FB wall. Since my rational inner self proclaim that her activity quite interesting and her status quite funny, I pun started to push the “like” button. Like I’ve been “liking”, commenting and laughing over her status which I find more than adequate to make me burst into laughter. So, I “like”, “like” and “like” like I was so in heaven until she pm me, telling me to stop doing what I’m doing.

What is wrong with youngster today? Kononnya they feel terribly ashamed that their “kakak” was not so up-to-date… like so Windows 95 according to Adflin. I don’t think that it’s wrong, like I don’t see any problem, having to like someone else’s status on FB though the status might have aged 3, 4, 7… 12 weeks, or even a month, a year…hurrmm…well, I tried my best.

I admit that sometimes I can be quite a “slow-adapter”, in almost everything. (Except, MakaN). Like I even dare wishing my long lost friend “Selamat Pengantin Baru, when supposedly, I should have wishing her “Happy 2nd Anniversary”.  It's like having to know the existence of Coconut oil just recently, though Mr. and Mrs  coconut oil has been wondering around in this world for quite centuries already.(Dramatic tak hengat dunia!)

Well… I did try to be part of Facebook craziness. I even try to make fun out of it. (And for those whom might not even care, it happens few hours ago.) I noticed that my friends Mackenzie have reached Level 78 in Candy Crush Saga (Which also have makes Edward Cullen fall into pieces, after quite stagnant at level 1 in World Pet Wonders The Vampire.) So, I congratulate Mack and asked him to treat me as a condolence +__+ WTH. But…Embrace this for you are about to reach the funny part. I say “Congratulation Mack, you've reached Level 78 in Candy Crush Saga, like finally. You should “belanja me”. So, Meet me at Level 88, in Candy Crush Saga…hahahaha.”

Silent…. One hour later….

Still Silent….. 2 hours later….

Silent Still Silent…..

15 years after no single reply, I migrated to Ladoffoverne, Zimbabwe. And Mack finally owns his own Candy Shop..LIKE for all we know… 

RIP to the one that got away :'(

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